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T.J. Bloch – Author/Host/Producer

Bloch - auto Bio

Timothy Bloch grew up 45 minutes north of New York City. He has two beautiful little girls, and truly cares about his family. He moved to North Carolina in 2007 and joined a local police department’s academy in January of 2008.

After Bloch’s training, he went on to win several awards including rookie of the year, two (2) superior service bars, and several awards from outside entities. Bloch was a patrol officer his entire six year career. He did spend some time in the vice/narcotics unit of his department.

Bloch also initiated an educational program about opiate addiction and spoke to several different organizations throughout the community. He was also able to obtain money to install medicine drop boxes in some of the department’s sub-stations.

Officer Bloch then went on to become a Police Training Officer (PTO) where he instructed recruits straight out of the academy. Bloch said, although it was one of the hardest times in his career, it was also the most rewarding.

Bloch was involved in a shooting in March of 2014.  Unfortunately, a woman attacked Bloch with an 8 inch meat cleaver, and Bloch was forced to shoot and kill the suspect.

Then Reserve Officer Bloch was approached by Internal Affairs about this exact web site. According to Bloch, he was given an ultimatum; “Either take down the site or hand in our gun and badge.” Officer Bloch believed in this web program so much that he resigned that day to carry this mission forward.

Officer Bloch has been very open about his shooting, his addiction issues, and all of his personal life. In 2016 Bloch started to write notes about the life-changing events that kept him awake at night. After about two weeks, he called his trusted friend and retired Police Sergeant J.G. DeYoung and asked if he would like to write a book together. That day “Policing in Black and White” was formed.

J.G. DeYoung – Author/Host/Producer

Deyoung - auto bio

Retired Sgt. Jeffrey DeYoung was born and raised in North Carolina. After a tough upbringing, he joined the Army  and became a member of the 82nd Airborne. After he returned home, he quickly applied to become a cop at the same agency as T.J. Bloch.

DeYoung was hired in the late 1980’s and started his career as a patrol officer and retired as a patrol officer. He felt the best way he could help the community was to be on the streets. He spent his entire 27 year career as a patrol officer, corporal, and sergeant.

DeYoung won several awards during his police career as well including Officer of the Month and a Life-Saving Award. If you talk to anyone at the department he was employed at, they will all tell you what a great officer, incredible humanitarian, and incredible supervisor he was. He is still admired and missed to this very day.

Deyoung added is vital experience to the book “Policing in Black and White” and talks about his unfortunate, deadly shooting as well. He is also a host on the Podcast “Policing Black and white” and is never afraid to tell some of the harsh incidents he encountered during his career.

He is currently married with a son, daughter, and a step-daughter. He is living out his retired life dedicated to this project.

T.J. Bloch & J.G. DeYoung ~ “we started this project to bring Police and Society closer together.”

Jillian Hutchens – Co-Producer

Jilliam for bio

Jillian Hutchens is a 2008 graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, with a degree in Social Sciences Education. She is the older daughter of nearby Winston Salem PD. Sgt. Mickey Hutchens who was shot and killed on 10/12/2009.

Jillian has been active in fundraising for the Police Benevolent Foundation, a part of the Southern States Police Benevolent Association, in their efforts to support the families of fallen officers, and to help provide scholarship opportunities for children of law enforcement families.

Jillian has also been involved with Carolina Donor Services, promoting organ donation. Her family has also established the “Sgt. Mickey G Hutchens Leadership Scholarship” to provide tuition assistance for the children of law enforcement families in the area her father served. She works in middle grades education in a metropolitan school district, and resides in the country with her boyfriend and son. Jillian enjoys kayaking, hiking, cooking, and craft beer. Many of the topics heard on our program are based on Jillian’s research. She is an essential part of out team!

Travis Cole – Writer

Cole - bio

Travis Cole was born and raised in North Carolina.  A graduate of UNC – Chapel Hill, he worked various jobs before he found his calling as a police officer.

T.B. Cole was a member of the same police academy as T.J. Bloch. They ended up becoming very close friends, and shared similar interest in movies (which would be blurted out during classroom time). Cole was not only a team leader in his academy, he also earned the best GPA in his class. After all the pranks, and the academy ended, they remained close friends. Both participated in each others wedding party.

Cole was the recipient of numerous awards including Officer of the Month many times over, Life-Saving Medal, and a Commendation Bar. He started as a patrol officer, then transferred to a community policing team. He lead his community based team which resulted in numerous drug arrests.

Cole was also a Police Training Officer. He was known for his confidence and knowledge of laws, rules, and regulations. He was told by many of his peers that he was the best officer to come along in a long time.

Cole resigned due to an incident in which the police department initially found him to act within reason. The issue was brought up again, and put a great amount of pressure on Cole’s career and personal life. Cole made the choice to resign.  He now owns his own successful business.

He is married and as T.J. Bloch has said “Don’t get on his bad side, but if you’re on his good side, he will do anything within his power to help you.” Cole has helped Bloch in many ways, both at work and in his personal life.

Cole’s contribution to the Podcast as a writer is vital to our success. As we grow, the Podcast team hopes he will become more of an on-air personality. He was wrongfully accused of unnecessary force, which lead to the loss of a great officer to his department when he resigned.

Eric Albert – Writer

Eric Albert

Eric Albert has been performing all over the country for nearly a decade. Able to host or headline, Eric has a wide range of material that can cater to any audience. Having performed with Gilbert Gottfried, Loni Love and Pablo Francisco, Eric’s versatile style is a proven winner for any type of show.

Eric Albert has been been quietly building a comedy home base in his urban hometown right outside of New York City.  On the last Friday of the month for the last year, Albert has turned the upstairs room at the restaurant into a laugh factory, attended by an enthusiastic hometown crowd and people who come in for the shows from the surrounding area.

Albert, along with his partner Dave Saitzyk, produce the comedy shows through their outfit, Slaughter Stand-Up.

Albert contributes a great amount of comedy to “Policing Black and White” and we are lucky to have him. Although he is best on the stage, he adds a unique sense of comedy to our show that nobody else can.